The agave waste is proving its worth beyond Mexican fiesta staples as a key component for a fast-growing bioplastics market, with companies transforming waste from processing food crops into products such as straws, plates and even car parts.

It is also in our nature to help consumate the biomass in its natural cycle and return it as organic compost to the fields.

Reduc PET

Since the solution to the problem of plastic waste is not as simple as we previously thought, it’s important for initiatives, governments, and corporations to not only please the consumer demand for viable alternatives but also take into account all positive and potential negative impacts of the proposed solutions. Reduce your plastic demand, We can help you choose cleaner alternatives.

Zero Water Waste

  • 1.- 13 to 15 lts of water are needed for the production of 1 kilo of Agave Syrup.
  • 2.- 40-50% of the water evaporates, reincorporating into the production process.
  • 3.- The rest of the water is sent to the treatment plant where it remains for two days and a physycal-chemical and biological process is applied.
  • 4.- Once this phase is finished, a chlorination of treated water is applied, according to the Mexican water waste discharge norm and it is ready for planting irrigation.