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The access and use of this website are subject to the following terms and conditions and all applicable laws. When using, seen, transmitting or saving in USB, to store or use in any other way the website, its content, the services and available functions, you grant your consent regarding the terms and conditions established in this document, and expressly waives any right to claim ambiguity, mistake or vice of consent in regards of this terms and conditions, If you don´t agree with all and each one of the terms and conditions without any limitation or condition herein, please do not use this website and immediately leave it. While using this website or any link related, you agree with the terms and conditions of this document, and you recognize that by providing access to the website we have your consent to legally bind you according this terms and conditions.


This website and all its content, including, but not limited to, text, images and graphics (Information) are property of BEST GROUND INTERNATIONAL, S.A DE C.V. and/or all its Companies, subsidiaries and/or relatives, hereinafter as: “BESTGROUND”. It is prohibited to copy, post, load, transmit, or make any non-authorized use of any material of this website, or any other website which are controlled by BESTGROUND or its affiliates. For purposes of these terms, it is forbidden the use of any materials in another website, internet or computational environment. Any information from these website, either registered trademark, logo or service mark, denominations or commercial notices, are part of a registered and non-registered trademark property of BEST GROUND INTERNATIONAL, S.A DE C.V. or others (including images, text, web page design or format). The use of any information, except as provided in these Terms and Conditions, without the written permission of the owner of the information is strictly prohibited and could result in the payment of compensatory damages; in addition to fines, in accordance with the Law, for which THE RECEIVING PARTY shall not use the trademark "BESTGROUND" or the intellectual property rights of BESTGROUND, including trademarks, copyrights, patents, designs and also trade names ( "BESTGROUND intellectual and industrial property rights IPRs") without the prior written consent of BESTGROUND granted by authorized legal representative.

It is prohibited the use of framing techniques to attach any of our registered trademarks, logos, or any right of intellectual property (such as enunciatively: images, text, page design or format, auditory clips, videos) without our previous writing consent. All the logos, designs, frames, trademarks, commercial information, are property of BEST GROUND INTERNATIONAL, S.A DE C.V. or of its companies’ affiliates (BESTGROUND ® Proprietary rights).

BESTGROUND does not guarantee or insure that the use of the information shown in the website does not infringe the rights of third parties and affiliates to BEST GROUND INTERNATIONAL S.A DE C.V. Also, BESTGROUND is aware along with its subsidiaries and affiliates, will enforce its rights of intellectual property and industrial to the maximum applicable legislation.


This website may content or refer to trademarks, patents, holder’s information, technologies, products, processes or any other property rights of BESTGROUND and its affiliates and/or third parties. According to the above the use of this website does not grant any license or right regarding such commercial trademarks, patents, commercial secrets, technologies, products, processes and another PROPIETARY RIGHTS of BESTGROUND, and its affiliates.


BESTGROUND makes reasonable efforts to include and update information in this website of the products that offering for sale, BESTGROUND does not guarantee or make statements regarding to the information provided through these website “as it is”. As far as it is permitted by law, BESTGROUND does not assume any responsibility regarding its website, or its use or its content. BESTGROUND is not responsible for the accuracy, integrity, sufficiency or amplitude of the information in the website, BESTGROUND will not be responsible for any damage or virus that can infect, your computer equipment or another property as a consequence of its access, use, or its internet browsing or download of any materials, data, text, images, video or audio of this website. BESTGROUND it reserves the right of interrupt or lay off total or partially any of the functions of this website. BESTGROUND shall not accept any responsibility of any interruption or lay off of any or all of the functions of this website, independently that is because the actions or omissions of BESTGROUND.

The user agrees that the use of is under its own risk, and that all the services and products are presented in are provided on a basis “as it is” and “as available”. BESTGROUND do not guarantee that meet the user´s requirements of the user.

The information contained and/or posted through serves exclusively for purposes of information in general of the products of BESTGROUND. The application, use or interpretation of any information published in or through is under the responsibility of the user.


Subject to the provisions of the privacy policy of BESTGROUND , any communications or materials that you transmit to this website, by email or else, including data, questions, comments, suggestions or similar, shall be treated as not confidential. BESTGROUND does not assume any obligation to keep confidential any information that the User provides, including information that the User provides through newsletters, blackboards or online chat (chats).

Anything that you transmit or published in this WEBSITE becomes property of BESTGROUND or its affiliates and could be used for any purpose, included but not limited to reproduction, divulgation, published or any other accordingly with our PRIVACY NOTICE which are in the following link and which is part of the present terms and conditions.


The information may content technical inaccuracies or typographical mistakes, BESTGROUND herein reserves the right to change, adapt or improve the information, and for the products described in such information at any time without notice.


Under no circumstance, included enunciatively negligence, we will be responsible of any loss of earnings, costs, damages whether indirect, incidentals, specials, consequential or punitive, that could result for the use or the inability of use the website or the services, in case any exist, or functionalities of the website or the damages that could result for your access to the website. In any case BESTGROUND liability will exceed the amount equivalent to USD 100.00 (One hundred dollars) regarding the use or access to this website by yourself. If you are not satisfied with the website or any of the products, services, or users, suppliers and/or buyers referrals or enlist in the same, your only resource is discontinuing the use of the website accordingly to what it is herein stated.


BESTGROUND may at any time review this terms and conditions by updating this publication. You shall be bind by these reviews, and therefore you should visit periodically this website for review the terms and conditions to what is linked.


For the interpretation, compliance and execution of these Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy, the User agrees that the laws and competent courts of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico will be applicable and expressly waive any other jurisdiction or jurisdiction that may correspond to them because of their present or future domiciles or for any other reason.

Last updated: October 2018