Organic Bee Honey

Certified organic bee honey.

Bee Honey

Natural honey collected from Mexico’s principal apiculture centers.

Organic Honey powder

Ideal to give your product a distinctive and slight honey flavor without the sweetness.

Organic Hibiscus syrup

Mixture of organic hibiscus extract with agave DSP syrup, ready-to-use.

Hibiscus syrup

Syrup created with hibiscus extract, ideal for industrial applications.

Organic Tapioca syrup

Glucose syrup to add texture and complement products with its neutral taste.

Organic Sweet Potato syrup

With a characteristic flavor, it complements every product with a pleasant texture, perfect to substitute molasses.

Organic Muscovado syrup

Syrup of unrefined organic cane sugar; maintains minerals and provides a pleasant taste.
If you are interested in this ingredient let us know; depending on your location we will address your request directly or through our commercial partner.